Every year starting from this year as part of the Palkhi Initiation Program, we'll have the following:

मासिक धर्मार्थ सम्पत्तिक ऋणभारं समर्पण संस्कार

Māsika dharmārtha sampattika ṛṇabhāraṁ samarpaṇa sanskāra 
Ritual dedicated to bear the monthly burden of the mortgage for the sake of righteousness and prosperity.


To shoulder the monthly mortgage by contributing $125 per month for one year starting from Palkhi Initiation first month of the year Chaitra/Chithirai चैत्र.


Following will be included in the program on Saturday - Apr 13, 2024
1. The devotee/couple or individual will come to temple at 8 AM after taking bath and willing to fast morning part of the day till pooja is done.
2. The devotee/couple will make Chandan, make Kalasha.
3. The devotee/couple will wear a Mogra string garland given by the temple while doing this Sankalp Pooja.
4. The devotee/couple will take part in Kalasha Procession around the temple building with garland in neck and Kalasha on head.
5. The devotee/couple each will get one Pradhan Kalasha and to spouse one Dvitiya Kalasha during the procession.
6. The devotee/couple will do Shri Sai Abhishekam.
7. The devotee/couple will attend Shri Sai Palkhi Utsav Initiation program.
8. The devotee/couple will be given Udi Prasad and will be asked if they want to do "Sai Maadhukari" then will be given a "Sai Zholi" and "Japa Mala"
9. The devotee/couple will join the Shri Sai Palkhi Procession.


We are in need of atleast 9 couples.

Please use the following link to donate online and participate in the program:  https://shrishirdisaimandir.com/index.php/donate/fundraising/sai-palkhi-initiation-registration-masika-dharmartha-sampattika-rnabharam-samarpana-sanskara