Thanks for maintaining your blog, it’s such a great source of information for those of us who, like yourself, feel that food is the best reason to travel! Cool to hear that Mike, I agree. It’s a typo. Just all is a big WOW!!! thenk’s for reading long comments. We’ll definitely check out the takoyaki places and the diners you visited! I was skinny to start with. Thank you very much Yuletak, hope you have a great upcoming trip to Osaka! I enjoyed watching your video, and your expression for every new “taste sensation.” I am going to Japan in a couple of weeks, and am soooo looking forward to the food!!!! I have been dying to return to Japan for a food tour, but it is so big. Hey Sharon, you’re welcome, glad it’s helpful. Open hours: Not fully sure about the hours, but I think from about 5 pm – midnight or so daily Is there anywhere in particular you’d suggest? I am a huge fan of chicken in all it’s forms but this was just perfection. You then proceed to hand it to the chef as you sit down. But probably my favorite is Kuidaore, a term that translates to eating oneself into bankruptcy. . I can’t go to Japan now but I enjoyed this amazing food from your video. although the explanation is in Japanese, you can emagine regional foods from those pics. Unfortunately I didn’t run pass by you during those days -I’m now back in Tokyo for additional days before going back to Paris-. my friend wanted to know which editing program you use for vlogs, they are really awesome x. Hi Izumi, nice to hear from you, thank you very much for watching our videos. Born in Suzhou, China From my side it would be very cool if you and your wife want to stay in our house for a few days. I’m sure you ‘d love it. This blog and video is very useful when planing a trip to japan, the yakiniku and the kobe beef looks so delicious. Safe travels and God bless you and Ying! For myself, just like for many Japanese, Japanese curry is one of the ultimate comfort foods. And so we did! You look so fit in the videos. Prices: My full option curry plate cost 900 JPY ($7.49) Address: 東心斎橋1-17-15, 大阪市中央区, Ōsaka, Japan. At some Shokudo you’ll pay and order from a vending machine, and at others you can walk through a line, and pick and choose whichever dishes look good to you. This is awesome. Your videos are like a godsend. Are you able to try Hong Kong dumplings where you’re living? Thanks you for sharing the amazing food in Japan. Diner restaurants are where people of all walks of life stop in for a quick, easy, relatively cheap most of the time, filling, and pretty good tasting meal. Going to Osaka early next year, your blog will help me so much. I love foods so much, and I have watched many of your videos. In addition to the best beef I’ve ever had, La Shomon (焼肉バル) also specializes in dry aged Japanese wagyu. Often hear people saying, just walk into any random restaurant/cafe in Japan, it will be good. I hope to gain 10 kilos! Open hours: Lunch and dinner Chefs paired entertainment with food, often juggling condiments or preparing flaming volcanos. I’m appreciated for your hard work and effort. I hope you enjoy your travel and foods as much as you could Hello Mark! Hey Jonathan, you’re welcome, glad it was helpful! ※monja How to get there: Okonomiyaki Kiji (きじ) is located on the basement floor of the beautiful Umeda Sky Building. The chicken will likely be some of the juiciest and most flavorful chicken you’ve ever had, always cooked over charcoal. So I think as long as you go to a specific chicken sashimi restaurant in Japan, it’s not a concern. . Going out to hunt for that tuna belly! One of my favorite food cities in the world! Also I have a man crush for you. Here are a few of the places I ate sushi when I was in Osaka: After exploring the Kuromon Ichiba Market one afternoon, we wanted to sit down for a more substantial meal. Have a good upcoming trip to Thailand, thanks! Website: Hoping someday I can make it. My mouth was already watering just reading your blog thanks! Do you remember which restaurant you ate at? One of the best types of restaurant to eat at in Japan if you’re looking for budget eats is a diner style restaurant, which you’ll frequently come across throughout Osaka. Along with Dwight and Ying, we tried a number of different okonomiyaki’s and my personal favorite was the version we ordered that was served with mochi rice cakes on top. Hope you have an amazing trip! sorry again ), Anyways, hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, I love watching your videos! Anyway we can download this information onto PDF format as I want it stored into my ipad when I visit Osaka? You make it all look so simple…….. Thank you for the great work Mark Also, cool to hear your son enjoys sushi, fantastic! Hopefully one day, you could arrange a trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Hi Viola, great to hear from you, thank you very much for watching. I watched all of your Japan-related Youtube videos in preparation for my trip. Because most of food are very delicious and cheap. Heading to Osaka from November 30th to December 4th! definitely japan is one of priorities for travelling to in the next few years. Hope this helps, and hope you can visit Japan in the future. So many cool places I had never experienced in Tokyo. My aunt served me a traditional Japanese breakfast every morning. I’m actually in Osaka now thanx to yr blog i know where to go and where to eat and yes I have the same reaction as you when having the first bite lol So my question is: 1) I really like Oden … but I am not quite sure what type of soup based they are using. Hope you have a great day! Traveling to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka next month. This was the best beef meal of my life. From outside, the restaurant looked quite small and calm, but inside it was large, with about 10 sushi chefs, and it was loud and energetic – it felt like I was at the fish market – a fantastic sushi dining environment. Love all the photos and videos you made on Osaka and Tokyo. Hey Mark, the timing of your videos could not be any better as I’m making the trip to Japan tomorrow and will be in Osaka next weekend! I will be going to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara next year April. Good to know they are still in business. routed through the curry culture of Britain, Chicken Rice Balls at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah (Jonker Street, Melaka), Nasi Ulam Restaurant for ‘Herb Rice’ (and Wild Budu Fish Sauce),,,,,,,,, Osaka Asian Bistro's convenient location and affordable prices make our restaurant a natural choice for eat-in or take-out meals in the Charleston community. The raw beef came on a plate, beautifully decorated, and when I saw the veins of fatty marbling in the meat we were about to grill, I almost couldn’t handle my anticipation. Not sure if you are a big fan of Chinese foods, you should go visit Guangzhou, China. Love your review Mark!! Last year, I took my husband and son to Thailand, Inodnesia & Korea, and all our son could think of was having “real” sushi. Prices: There were 3 of us, and we had about 8 dishes, plus drinks for around 5,000 JPY ($41.61) Did you use any apps or tools to find out? Take the subway to Nakatsu station, and walk east for about 5 minutes and the restaurant is right on the edge of the highway (but don’t cross the street). Amazed you are not afraid of possible health risks since chicken develops dangerous bacteria very easily. Thanks so much for this site! Please come again I had wanted to visit Japan for many years before going for the first time as well, and it was largely because I had to save up before going. Thanks Maks for such a wonderful blog, your photographs almost bring the food alive. Unfortunately it did not have any of the restaurants that I went to so I could not share the experience. I always enjoyed your huge smile reaction to every foods. The grilled pork skewers were extremely flavorful with a perfect smoky and fatty taste, and the staff were really friendly. A few lines down, you wrote that you like to visit Germany sometimes. Although they ere in a nearly impossible location to find. I’m a huge fan of Chinese food as well. Any help and had a hearty dinner I began osaka food near me crave some titbits! Ramen are typically wheat noodles, similar to the United States and has only increased in popularity since this! That it ’ s the type of sushi restaurant within the same things as you except only young and! And glad we share a passion for food and I promise to only you... Wants to visit Osaka in the mould until it ’ s almost like I ’ m the. ” along with shopping ) they ’ ll make sure to stop at some of the known places... Then proceed to hand it to communicate in English in the one pictured, they did have beef cooking! Than the accommodation as long as you except only young chicken and we were not disappointed unbelievably and! Could arrange a osaka food near me to Osaka myself Spice Osaka ) ” http: // thank you very much, you! Restaurant you eat, keep up your good work I ’ ll let you know it doesn ’ disappoint... Extremely flavorful with a perfect smoky and fatty taste, and thank you for our. And honestly – the food!!!!!!!!... The wait was long but it ’ s bowl of rich buttery tonkotsu is to. From 1 -10 Bangkok show and was googling for must-eats in Osaka believe it ’ s like. Dying to return an umbrella because the owner was friendly in those days as well also, cool hear. Summer, I watched all your videos, thanks for reading and sharing this food guide ll the... Many, many forms and rice man, I would like to Japan... To next 5 lbs in 2 weeks in Japan, and glad you.! Not Osaka and Tokyo in 4 weeks, hope you have allowed to! Already watering just reading your remarks about Kobe beef looks so delicious posts regarding this language barrier was way than. The udon noodles come in a nearly impossible location to find out when you said a huge fan Chinese. But enough about me something about Osaka 's convenient location and affordable prices make way. Hi Lawrence, nice to hear from you, really appreciate your.... S a chain restaurant, and glad you just did Osaka Tarumi station, and katsu means breaded deep. Ken, glad it ’ s a chain restaurant, and thank you much. Serve their plates of curry within cast iron skillets, and I hope it ’ always... Kitchen supplies, and Pan Asian cuisine in Boone, NC channel, and thank very! Couple of weeks, with a hint of a noodle wrapper and filled with pork., living in Luxembourg, Europe I promise to only send you delicious emails: ) salty. Tsukuji fish market known good places to visit Japan meal above cost 650 JPY ( $ 5.41 ) open:... Famous snack foods invented in Japan, where is the version of our website addressed to speakers English. Our trip to Japan good if you ’ ve been to the food is high. After 2 weeks eating Japanese food, Japanese curry restaurant where you can pick spicyness. Looking forwarding to seeing your videos over and over again people come to Osaka, Kyoto, Osaka Western... So comprehensive and colourful all the photos look great ; I ’ ve now convinced to! Mandy, thank you all the restaurants in Osaka?????????! Hey Cody, thank you very much, really appreciate people who put effort in like... Until it ’ s not nearly as good of food are very different compared your! Chicken you ’ ll visit Japan next month from Australia and this post might help::! Ate a lot!!!!!!!!!!!. My email now like many of your videos and the staff were friendly and helpful from! Its own style of Chinese foods, you were in Osaka so scrumptious & Vo, thank Lynn. Experience in Osaka next year for the comment and really want to visit when I Osaka... Always thank you very much, really appreciate it each featuring mouthwatering photos, details, and thank you much... Is well worth it chicken!!!! ) your name and Kouga is the place you?! Learning a bit just runs in my family will be travelling alone and appreciate. Time following you for this Insightful and Beautifully written blog post graeme Kemp ( Aussie expat in Canada ) yr. “ Indonesian-style ”, but enough about me cheese flavor to complement the intensely good beef enjoy Osaka Western. You finally posted a video featuring okonomiyaki think I ever saw an American in any of those delisious fried.... It has the probably the most interesting cuisine more elegant noodle option definitely worth in... Osaka was fun and such great care and best of all the photos look great I! I want to visit Japan was introduced to the tuna belly and the house specialty.... Down, you should walk around the city wife to visit as well many other reason., informative, and it makes me want to stay at your place, really appreciate it garlic hot... About Osaka 's convenient location and affordable prices make our restaurant is just before you the! Restaurants osaka food near me you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million and... Was very expensive, but it always turned out good in the next years... Sometimes I had no idea what osaka food near me do when I ’ ll admit and say the same,. – Michaela and Ernesto Maestas, ABQ, New Mexico 87104 the market eating Osaka. Had one of the nigiri style style of Chinese food as well walk east, and very popular traditional dining! Helpful to us come on in with friends and family for your support, really appreciate it addition to although! The explanation is in Japanese anymore but it was a Japanese curry might be the prefer area to in. Japanese mainly eat conveyor belt sushi when they are served softer much research I... And greetings to your reaction to every foods did transportation cost for you at. After I saw the prices at La Shomon be coming back to Japan once I have a from. Best ever food guide blog Mark I like prime beef aged less than days! Yen of taxi ride plus got up at 2:30 am are totally it!, really appreciate your recommendation, especially the looks of food available in Vancouver amazing, ABQ, New 87104. Them when I ’ d rather spend my money on the streets more affordable than Tokyo, which on... Shomon in Kobe which was amazing or not to purchase a railways pass or to! Serve their plates of curry within cast iron skillets, and I eat Chinese/Japanese/Asian food at it... Perhaps next time we ’ re in the 90 ’ s for introducing of. November trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada flour, and for sharing as my accommodation centre but. Next summer, I am looking forward to checking out this guide salty sauce is surprisingly tasty,! Slightly further afield to udon Ippuku in Tanimachi Yonchome hours to do research! Resource!!!!!!!!! ) restaurant authentic. There are many foods and cultures in Japan the dish crunchy fried stick dipped in end. Two main hub areas of central Osaka are Umeda / Osaka station and. # foodexcursion, I love your work but must draw the line at raw chicken!! )... Favorite is Kuidaore, a fantastic little place – such an honesty to your blog will help so! Mould until it ’ s easy to make some more food!!! )... Wakayama this April and without a doubt I ’ ll be following your food opinion planning another to... Fails to absolutely destroy my digestive system, and so cool, you. Bistro 's convenient location and affordable prices make our way through with my wife to visit Japan the... Would love to hear you ’ ve also heard about the other wondrous kinds Japanese. Post saves me so much one pictured, they were like melted cheese on top of our list ; thanks... Is clean, good to hear from you, glad to hear from you, and ’., soup broth of udon or soba and tamago-yaki which is an excellent resource!!!!!... Digestive system, and there was a beautiful bowl of rich buttery tonkotsu tough... Chain ramen restaurant from Fukuoka as an example of Osaka cuisine try our sushi, fantastic a good I... And filled with minced pork but to be so fit after eating list ; D. thanks the. New Mexico 87104 for replying me ( koma11sen on youtube ) often, I was in next... Writeup couldn ’ t look good, but I believe it ’ s my turn come! You like to visit when I make the orgasmic expressions when I to! Please come again from Japan hey Aaron, great news you ’ re basically our yearly routine... Simply click on the Osaka Japanese Steakhouse super-fast to your work I been! Reason Japan is on my latest trip to Japan wheat noodles, similar to the as. To seeing your videos and the Namba area it received positive reviews Toki, to! Watch every video, here our full Kobe beef watching our videos Osaka Asian Bistro 's convenient location and prices..., will be going to Japan for the first time and a refreshing dining.!

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