He also let loose an entire wagon load of boomas during the Gungan retreat, covering the army in part but also resulting in a large amount of damage to the opposition. The Gungan ammo wagon is hauled by a powerful falumpaset creature to the field of combat. They came in various sizes and could be launched by hand, sling, or even catapult. The Grand Army was sometimes called upon to deter sea creatures from wandering too close to their settlements. Great deals on Kids Plastic Jar Jar Binks Action Figures. Additionally, it does not affect targets with Bulletproof. During the Battle of Grassy Plains, booma weaponry was used extensively to combat the B1 battle droids of the Trade Federation. Battle of Grassy Plains[1] Its load of energy balls is unleashed on the army of Trade Federation droids, ripping a … Booma Description In the Game Boy Advance version though, there is a different system of studs for the game: 1. ... Star Wars Black Series Deluxe 6" EP1 Jar Jar Binks Gungan Personal Energy Shield. Ranging from 3 inches to 2 meters This is inspired by this question which describes two directed energy weapon systems, with the second one originally labeled plasma, then struck through and labeled ball lightning, silicon vapor theory. CardGuide Wiki. Gungan warrior raises an lowers Battle Cesta and fires energy ball!. Games Movies TV Video. A booma impacts a B1 battle droid at the Battle of Grassy Plains. The Globe of Peace was a relic of the Naboo people. Launch an energy ball at invading Trade Federation forces!. Their skeletal structure was extremely flexible, as it was made of cartilaginous material rather than hard bone. It could also burn biological material and leave a trail of plasma "goo" upon impact. $28.75. Boomas were spherical, grenade-type weapons colored pink and purple that were used exclusively by the Gungan Grand Army. Production information The ball's outer layer broke on impact, releasing a plasma and electric shock that damaged the target. I present Jarframe. Silver Studs = 1 stud 2. Gungan name generator - Star Wars . Otoh Gunga Defense League Larger ones were launched from falumpaset-towed catapults and launchers attached to the backs of domesticated animals such as the fambaa or lerraa. $79.95. The booma consisted of blue plasma from the depths of Naboo's oceanic core, contained in a shell that would burst if thrown hard enough, while withstanding a minor hit. Equipped with hardy lungs, they were capable of holding their breath for extended periods of time. The booma consisted of blue plasma from the depths of Naboo's oceanic core, pressurized and forced into a shell that would burst if thrown hard enough. As a gesture of good faith and continued relations with the Gungan people, Queen Padmé Amidala presented the globe to Boss Rugor Nass. It was very effective against droids and vehicles because the plasma was electrified, and seemed to have the properties of an EMP weapon. Small boomas were used by Gungan militiagungs and cavalry, thrown either by bare hands or with the use of weapons such as the cesta or atlatl. These inscriptions have given scholars a larger picture of the evolution of the Gungan language. Gungan warrior raises an lowers Battle Cesta and fires energy ball!. For age 4 and up. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns, Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, Star Wars: Episode I The Visual Dictionary, Star Wars Battlefront: Prima Official Game Guide, Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition Core Rulebook, https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Booma/Legends?oldid=9465740. The majour problem I have with Gungan tech, they are a sea dwelling race, yet they Shield their cities from the Sea. Energy Ball's power was increased from 80 to 90. Inside each energy ball was a plasma-like substance harvested deep inside the crust of Naboo’s surface that would short out electronic equipment and droids, in addition to delivering great shocks to organic beings. A Gungan atlatl was a Gungan throwing stick used to launch energy balls a longer distance than the naked arm could achieve. Physical and technical specifications Long ago, explorers on Naboo discovered the Gung Slabs, a set of ancient stones engraved with Olys Corellisi on one side and Old Gungan on the reverse. $38.57. Submission: Louis Mini (minil@cadvision.com) Debug mode: Highlight "Options" at the main menu, but do not select it. The Gungan ammo wagon is hauled by a powerful falumpaset creature to the field of combat.
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